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Speaker(s) / Presenter(s) Date
A Worldwide View of Matriliny: Using cross-cultural analyses to shed light on human kinship systems Dr. Nicole Creanza, Vanderbilt University
Anthropology Colloquium Series-Fall 2022 Dr. Amanuel Beyin, University of Louisville -
Hominin Dispersal Pathways: A view from the Red Sea Basin Dr. Amanuel Beyin, University of Louisville
Malinche’s Refusal: New visions for a decolonized Latinidad Dr. Gabriela Spears-Rico, University of Minnesota
Black Bodies, Burial Grounds, & Reparations Dr. Terrance Weik -
Doing Good Anthropology in Bad Times Dr. Anna Willow -
A Decade of Lessons from the Kooskia Internment Camp Archaeological Project Dr. Stacey Camp -
The Use and Recontextualization of Black Lives Matter (BML) Images and Jargon in the Palestinian Context Dr. Dana Shalash -
Creating inclusive, multimodal, and long-term collaborations: Tips from two decades of community-based socio-environmental co-production Dr. Julie Velazquez Runk -
Afro-Dominicannes and the Natural Hair Movement in the Dominican Republic and Beyond Dr. Kim Simmons
Indians and Indigeneity Panel Triloki Pandey, Annapurna Pandey, Chinu Satpathy, Carmen Martinez Novo, Black Bear, Ann Kingsolver
Indians and Indigeneity Museum exhibit opening -
Decolonizing Anthropology: Then and Now Dr. Faye Harrison
Landscape, Riverscapes: Movement and Connectivity in Amazonian Contexts Dr. Anna Browne Ribeiro (U of L)
Not What the Doctor Ordered: Tobacco Farming’s Effects on Sociality and Ecology of Two Sympatric Lemur Species Dr. Benjamin Z. Freed, EKU -
Pre-Hispanic Obsidian Quarrying at the Zaragoza-Oyameles Source Area, Puebla, Mexico: What we've learned from three seasons of survey Dr. Charles Knight, University of Vermont -
Reconstructing Anthropogenic Landscapes with Drone-mounted Sensors Dr. Timothy Hare, Morehead State University -
Tips for NSF proposals in the Social Sciences Jeffrey Mantz -
Becoming Farmer, Becoming Workers: Agriculture and Industrial Gold Mining in Papua New Guinea Dr. Jamon Halvaksz -
Moving Mountains and Liberating Dialogues: My Life as a Black Feminist Archaeologist Dr. Whitney Battle-Baptiste -
Peachy-Keen: Tracing the Introduction of Peaches (Prunus persica) into the Americas Dr. Renee Bonzani -
Shaking the Family Tree (again): What Do We Really Know About Our Newest Cousin, Homo naledi? Dr. Andrew Deane -
Out of Many…: Hinterland Perspectives on the Creation of an Ancient Maya Polity Dr. Scott Hutson -
Coffee Quality and Qualities: Closing the Gender Asset Gap in Oaxaca, Mexico Dr. Sarah Lyon -
Women and Peacebuilding: Lessons Learned from Post-Genocide Rwanda Dr. Jennie Burnet -