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Xueying Wang

Research Interests:
cognitive process of language production and acquisition
computational linguistics and NLP
Science communication to the public
Courses I Have Taken Before
Fall 2019 
Spring 2020
Fall 2020
Spring 2021
Kevin B. McGowan
Syntax ­­-- Chomsky
Fabiola S. Henry
Corpus Linguistics & Lab
Mark R. Lauersdorf
Phonological Analysis
Andrew Byrd
Fabiola S. Henry
Formal Semantics
Fabiola S. Henry
Historical Sociolinguistics & Lab
Mark R. Lauersdorf
Adv Computaional/Corpus Linguistics
Josef Fruelhawld
Adv Syntax & Lab -- HPSG (sitting in)
Fabiola S. Henry
Computational Linguistics
Kevin B. McGowan
Research Seminar
Thomas Clayton 
Independent Study
Mark Richard Lauersdorf
Research Methods in Lin
Mark R. Lauersdorf
Machine Learning (sitting in)
Brent Harrison


Courses I am Teaching Now
LIN211  Introduction to the Study of Language
LIN200  How to Create Your Own Language
Resources: CL|NLP|Cog Sci|ML

under construction ...

CL|NLP Research Opportunity Collections  (internships, labs, summer/winter school)

University of Washinton LIN Dept Resource

Yale University LIN Dept Resource

California State University Long Beach LIN Dept Resource

Computational Linguistics Research Internship at Google ( searching online to find more industrial internships)

Linguistics List

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CL|NLP Study Resources (courses, books, conferences)

CS61A at UC Berkley - Intro Projects Driven Python Programming

CS224 Standford - NLP




Psycholinguistics or Neurolinguistics Research Opportunities

UMichigan Mentor Program

MIT Pre Graduate School Program




Selected Publications:

Wang, X. (2019, June). Using Sentiment Analysis for Comparing Attitudes between Computer Professionals and Laypersons on the Topic of Artificial Intelligence. In Proceedings of the 2019 3rd International Conference on Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval (pp. 5-8).