GWS End of Year Celebration

Time Dependent Holography

Vote, Pray, Write: (Researching) Women and Religious Poli:cs in India

8th Lexington Peace Fair

A Magneto-Gravitational Trap for the Measurement of the Neutron Lifetime at LANL

Computational Math Seminar

Time-like pion form factor in lattice QCD

Graduate Student Colloquium

Dissertation Defense - Sema Gunturkun

Discrete CATS Seminar -- Master's Talk -- Alex Happ

Analysis and PDE Seminar -- Dissertation Defense -- Murat Akman

Dissertation Defense--Casey Monday

Master's Talk--Brad Schwer

Dissertation Defense--Clinton Hines

Discrete CATS Seminar

Perelman’s Dissociations: Double Fidélité, Fighting the Nazis, and the New Rhetoric Project’s Canon of Invention

Biology Undergraduate Research Showcase

Graduation Reception for Biology Majors

Reversing Trajectories: Incarceration, Violence and Political Consequences

Drug War Zone. Frontline Dispatches from the Streets of Juarez and El Paso

Denis Goldberg Legendary Anti-Apartheid Activist

Children at Risk Research Conference Keynote Address: Gender, Sexuality, & Risks for Violence among Young Women and LGBTQ Youth in Urban Communities

UK English Department Awards Day

"Masks of Mexico: Reflecting the Past, Portraying the Future"

AFROTC Commissioning Ceremony

AFROTC Long Rifle Tournament

Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT)

Distinguished Professor Lecture

Quantum mechanics and the geometry of spacetime

Something Old, Something New: Stellar Populations Studies of External Galaxies

Nucleon Spin Structure: New results from Jefferson Lab

A Multi-Probe STM Quest for Quantum Transport at 2D Materials Boundaries

2nd Annual Graduate Conference in Linguistics

The New Social Justice Documentary

"The Embarrassment of Being a Subject: From St. Paul to Internet Porn" With Jennifer Fleissner

Dissertation Defense

Algebra Seminar--Master's Talk

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Graduate Student Colloquium

Dissertation Defense

Analysis and PDE Seminar--Dissertation Defense

Doctoral Exit Seminar

Seeds to Free the Bounty: Agricultural Biodiversity as Policy & Potential

The Neutron Lifetime, or, Beta Decay, the Big Bang, and the Left-Handed Universe

"The New Social Justice Documentary"

Student Research Showcase: Morphology, Phonology, or Both? The Reconstruction of the PIE Accent / Ablaut System

Generating femtosecond second-harmonic pulses from ultrathin Archimedean nanospirals

Navigating the Left Turn: Sexual Politics and the Citizen Revolution in Ecuador

A Reading by Roger Reeves

A census of CO excitation in nearby galaxies with Herschel

Order of Magnitude Smaller Limit on the Electric Dipole Moment of the Electron

Doctoral Exit Seminar "A plant trait-based approach to determine the feasibility of using native C3 and C4 to restore a functional grassland community in a remnant Bluegrass Savanna-Woodland in Kentucky, USA"

New Multivariate Challenges and Privacy Issues in the Context of Big Data Research

Third Annual Alumni Day

Graduate Student Colloquium

Kentucky Festival de Cine Estudantil

Analysis and PDE Seminar--Master's Talk

Chemistry Graduation Celebration - Awards & Reception

Dissertation Defense of Sarah Finley

Dissertation Defense of Whitaker Jordan

Vowels vs. Vader: Exploring the Light & Dark Sides of Indo-European

Star Formation in Early-type Galaxies

Toward model-independent nuclear structure calculations

Faculty Candidate Seminar

Graduate Student Colloquium

NCUR Conference Talk

Discrete CATS Seminar--Master's Talk

Cesar Chavez Celebration Day

Getting from Here to There? Power, Politics, and Urban Sustainability in North America

Scattering and Inverse Scattering in Multidimensions

Topological Phases in Correlated Materials

Seminar on Algebra and Geometry

Patterns of Inequality and Latin American Support for Redistribution

New Ideas for Axion Dark Matter Detection

WIMP physics with direct detection

Nanoscale probing of electromechanical responses by scanning probe microscopy: from piezoresponse to electrochemical strain

Transy Women's Studies Guest Lecturer: Karen Tice

Nelson Mandela Lecture in Community Sustainability: Ouita Michel

Spring 2014 WRD Writing Gallery Reception

Sing in Russian - A FREE Russian Course

BIO 601 Special Topics in Molecular and Cellular Genetics "Genetic and evolutionary analysis of synaptic growth and morphology in Drosophila melanogaster"

Graduate Student Colloquium

Performance by Ladino rockstar

Presentation by Ladino rockstar

What are they? Some Hidden Forms of the Copula in Old Irish

Guest Lecture by Dr. Santa Arias, University of Kansas

Creole's Topophilia: Francisco Javier Clavijero's Thick Places of History

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

42nd Annual Ellen Churchill Semple Day

Conference on Political and Economic Inequality

Biology Department Seminar "Introgression in westslope cutthroat trout: a case study in conservation genomics"

Biology Department Seminar “How Genomes Respond to Foreign Information”

Herstory Conference: Melissa Stein "Embodying Gender: Science, Medicine, and Equality"

The pi0 transition form factor: a hadronic contribution to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon

The World of `Nuclear Data' -- a Bluegrass Perspective

Alumni Event at Keeneland

Alumni Reception- Celebrating Civil War Documentary Preview

Ellen Goodman, Keynote Speaker, Conference on Inequality

Conference on Inequality - Day II

Be Christian! A Japanese Samurai Evangelizes America

Purim Festival: A celebration of Jewish culture

German Slang: Kaffeestunde

Crystal growth and exotic magnetic transitions in rare earth orthoferrites RFeO3"

Understanding Cultural Continuity in Korean Music

Cultural Differences between German and American Universities: Kaffeestunde

Organic Semiconductors: Bright future for old materials

Proton and electron-hydrogen collisions for Rydberg n,l-changing transitions in the early Universe

Reflections on March 11, 2011. Japan's Disasters and their Aftermath.

Chemistry Department Seminar

Drawing on Tradition -- Artist's Talk with JT Waldman

A History of Judaism Through Comix

Word Games with Friends Night- Sigma Tau Delta

The Road to Observationally Constraining Pre-Main Sequence Evolutionary Models

Sigma Tau Delta Meeting

The Proton's Weak Charge

Visa al Paraiso - CANCELLED

Covariance estimation - big data challenges and financial applications

Markov chains and algebra

The Power of Babel: and Why We Can't Fight it in Our Own Language

Master's Final Exam

Graduate Student Colloquium

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Discrete CATS Seminar

Creative Writing Award Submission Deadline

Workshop on Creole Complexity

Final Doctoral Examination “Analysis of the Role of Two Autophagy Pathway Related Genes, Beclin 1 and Tsc1, in Murine Mammary Gland Development and Differentiation”

Religion & Politics in Anxious States

Reflections on March 11, 2011; Japan's Disasters and their Aftermath

Reflections on March 11, 2011: Japan's Disasters and their Aftermath

Revisiting soliton contributions to perturbative amplitudes

"Reflections on March 11, 2011: Japan's Disasters and their Aftermath" - AGSA Distinguished Lecture Series

The Magnetic Faraday Effect of Polarized 3He with a Triple Modulation Technique

Frontiers in Cosmological Galaxy Formation using Hydrodynamic Simulations, and the Accretion onto Supermassive Black Holes

Civil War: The Untold Story

Studying Neutrino Mass with the Enriched Xenon Observatory (EXO)

Graduate Student Colloquium

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Discrete Cats Seminar - Qualifying Exam

For the Turtle's Sake: Miracles, the third sector and hegemony in the coast of Oaxaca

Asymptotically Efficient Estimation of Gaussian Graphical Model and Related Problems

The Galactic Ecosystem: connecting internal structure with formation history

Documentary: Visa al Paraíso: Gilberto Bosques en Francia (1939-1944)

A Night of African American Jewish Culture

"Be Christian! A Japanese Samurai Evangelizes America."

Probing the Circumgalactic Medium with Absorption Lines

Chiral dynamics of hadrons

2014 van Winter Lecture

Graduate Student Colloquium

Graduate Student Colloquium

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Standing up for the Mountains: Authors and Activists Against Mountaintop Removal Mining

Problems with Marx…and Some Solutions

Political Ecology and the End(s) of Critique

Environmental Racism as a Form of State-Sanctioned Racial Violence

DOPE 2014 Scholar/Activist Panel: Working Across Borders: US/Latin America Collaborations for Social and Environmental Justice

DOPE 2014 Plenary Panel: Engaging Difference: Displacing the Subject in Political Ecology

The emotion management of social edges: exploring attachments to market and state

The Outsourced Self: intimate life in market times

Science on the Page and Stage

Multiple Collection Estimation of Population Size: A Generalization of “Capture-Recapture”

The Science of Climate Change

Excess of Diffuse Gamma-ray Emission from the Inner Galaxy: Bubbles, Jets, and Dark Matter

A High Precision Test of the Equivalence Principle

Measurement of the Planck Constant and the Revision of the SI

Mathematical Economics Seminar

Graduate Student Colloquium

Models for Large Complex Spatial Datasets

Something Old, Something New: Disability, Gender, Blackness and Performance in African Diaspora and African-American Studies

Biology Department Seminar "An 'Old-World' Yet 'New' Animal Model of Essential Hypertension: Implications for Translation to Human Cardiovascular Disease"

Skyrmions and their dynamics – “Banana kicks in magnetism”

How Mexican Axolotls Promote Science, Conservation, and Creativity

Symposium: ¡Viva Mexico! : How Mexican Axolotls Promote Science, Conservation, and Creativity

Biology Department Seminar

Biology Department Seminar "Developmental Genetics of Mammalian Reproductive Organs"

Solution Paths for Large p Small n Problems

The Body in Pain, Performance in African Diaspora and Caribbean Studies

Spline-Based Regression Analysis of Current Status Data with Dependent Censoring

Regression Analysis of Longitudinal Data with Irregular and Informative Observation Times

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

POSTPONED: Calculating the Casimir energy of an arbitrary smooth compact surface.

National Fruits: A research presentation by Carol Mason

Biology Seminar "Single cell sequencing reveals mosaic copy number variation in human neurons"

Biology Seminar - Cancelled

Biology Seminar "Genes, Jeans, and Genomes: Exploring the Mysteries of Polyploidy in Cotton"

Biology Graduate Student Research Talks

Biology Graduate Student Research Talks

Biology Graduate Student Research Talks

Biology Graduate Student Research Talks

Biology Graduate Student Research Talks

Biology Graduate Student Research Talks

Biology Graduate Student Research Talks

Biology Graduate Student Research Talks

Biology Graduate Student Research Talks

Biology Graduate Student Research Talks

Biology Graduate Student Research Talks

Snap Shot: A Theatrical Performance

Evolution of Broad-line Emission from Active Galactic Nuclei

The Humility of God in Rabbinic Judaism

Biology Graduate Student Research Talks

Inequality in the US: Consequences

The Christmas Star of Bethlehem

Craft Writing: Beer, the Digital, and Craft Culture

Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Reception

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS--movie and costume contest

2nd Lecture in Jewish Studies Speaker Series Nov. 12, 8pm W. T. Young Library

A&S Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Janet Stamatel Lecture, “Democracy, Crime, & Punishment in Central Eastern Europe”

“b-Mail: Everyday Communication on Birch bark in Medieval Russia”

"Energy Politics in Russia"

"Human Trafficking in the former USSR"

Year of Russia's Realms Animated Film Festival

“Human Trafficking in Eurasia”

“Interpersonal violence in post-Soviet Russia: Socioeconomic change, political change, and alcohol.”

Year of Russia's Realms Animated Film Festival

CFP: Networked Humanities: From Within and Without the University

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Honey Of A Day - Abigail Keam

Symposium - Narrating the Caribbean: Food for the Soul or Food for Thought

Irving Roth speaks on "Recollections of a Survivor"

S.T. Roach Community Conversations - Rebuilding The Block: A Celebration of Black Male Excellence

Jean Baker discusses her new biography of Margaret Sanger

CHINA Town Hall: Local Connections, National Reflections

Film and Reality: A Conversation with A.O. Scott

“Insiders and Outsiders: Jewish Communities in the Appalachian Coalfields”

The History Department presents Daniel Sharfstein, "Secrets and Lines: Uncovering a History of Race in the United States"

First Friday Panel Discussion - Does Culture Matter in Sustainable Agriculture

Father Justin Sinaites- "'We Knew Not Whether We Were in Heaven or on Earth': The Heritage of Russian Iconography"

Father Justin Sinaites presents "St. Catherine's Monastery in the Sinai Desert: A Direct Link with the Ancient World"

Ned Stuckey-French to give lecture "Baldwin, Didion, Digitization, and the Future"

Celebration of Faculty Excellence Reception

The Mythology of the Doudou: Sexualizing Black Female Bodies, Constructing Culture and Nation in the French Caribbean.

Contested Ground: Visual Culture in China after 1989

The Monkey King

Chinese Photography by Zhang FuQuan

Artist's Lecture: Joel Feldman

A Shining Heritage: Contemporary Chinese Lacquer Art from the Wang Family, Lecture and Reception

Football UK vs Tennesee

Football: UK vs Georgia

Football UK vs. Vanderbilt

Football: UK vs Ole Miss

Football UK vs Mississippi State

Homecoming Game: UK vs Jackson State

Advisory Board Meeting

University of Kentucky Homecoming Week

Football: UK vs South Carolina

Football: UK vs Florida

Football UK vs. Louisville

Spring 2010 Dean's List Reception

Football: UK vs Central Michigan

Football UK vs. Western Kentucky

Appalachian Photo Contest on Display at UK

Tea Ceremony with UK Asia Center

Kentucky SkyTalk - Aaron Morris

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