Untenured Faculty Members

Faculty should submit all FMER material to their department chair

  • Departmental Evaluation Report (Choose your department below).  This includes syllabi and teacher course evaluation reports during the review period.
  • A completed Summary Reporting Form for Teaching.  *Faculty should fill in the terms being evaluated based on the memo from the Associate Dean of Faculty*
  • A brief research plan:  Briefly describe in summary form the overall research plan you are following at this stage in your career, and the directions of your research activity since the previous review. In particular, indicate how this activity fits into your overall plan. You also may address the impact of COVID 19 on your research productivity for the period under the review (through spring 2020) as well as it potential implications for your research plan, if any. (Limit to one page)
  • COVID 19: We are aware that the review period for this FMER was impacted by COVID19 and that the pandemic’s impact demanded that you refocus many of your work efforts during the last academic year. We want to give all faculty the chance to discuss the impact of the pandemic – on your work life directly and as your personal lives impacted your work life – in the context of your teaching, research, professional development, and service. You will find the opportunity to do this, as you wish:

            - In your brief research plan (see point above), and/or;

           - In the Basic Goals and Objectives portion of your teaching statement, and/or;

           - Anyplace you see fit in your section on service and other professional activities section; and/or

           - Any place in the FMER reporting form that seems appropriate.

If you are in one of the departments listed below, please use the generic A&S departmental evaluation report. *Faculty should fill in the terms being evaluated based on the memo from the Associate Dean of Faculty*


(A&S departmental evaluation report)







Hispanic Studies







Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Studies


If you are in one of the departments listed below, please use the department specific evaluation report. 


Biology (Word.doc)
Chemistry (Word.doc)
History (Word.doc)
Physics (Word.doc)
Political Science (Word.doc)
Psychology (Word.doc)

Optional Items:
You are free to furnish your department chair with additional items as you and your department see fit. Such items might include (but are not limited to)

  1. A longer reflective statement on teaching
  2. All course syllabi for the period under review
  3. A discussion of instructional activities not covered in the Merit Evaluation Report for which you wish to be evaluated



Online Submission of FMER material to the Dean's Office

Department Chair's should submit FMER materials electronically following the online submission instructions and the instructions for creating a PDF portfolio

Portfolio #2 will be submitted via email to Sarah Lyon (cc: Teresa Smith) using Adobe PDF portfolios.  (Please see the ‘How to create a PDF portfolio’ document for instructions)

Each department should submit the following materials.

  1. Chair Rating Sheet Webform for each indivudal faculty member.
  2. Portfolio #2- The department evaluation report, the summary teaching form (without the course syllabi and TCE reports), and a research plan for each individual faculty member.  Please use the naming convention (Last_First_Department_FMER_year). Portfolio #2 will be submitted via email to the associate dean of faculty (cc: Teresa Smith) using Adobe PDF portfolios.

Note: The faculty and the department should keep all copies of course syllabi, teacher course evaluations, and updated CV’s.