T. Marshall Hahn Graduate Fellowship


T. Marshall Hahn, Jr. Graduate Fellowships For First-Year Graduate Students

T. Marshall Hahn has, in agreement with the College of Arts & Sciences, established an endowed T. Marshall Hahn, Jr. Graduate Fellowship Fund that provides a fellowship to attract outstanding Ph.D. students to the College of Arts & Sciences.  T. Marshall Hahn was awarded a B.S. in Physics from the University of Kentucky in 1945.  He has served as the President of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and as the Director of Georgia-Pacific Corporation.  For a brief biosketch visit http://www.ukalumni.net/s/1052/index-no-right.aspx?sid=1052&gid=1&pgid=780.  

The selection of the recipients and amount of the scholarship are determined by a Educational Policy Committee appointed by the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.  One fellowship of $2,500 per year is available to be used as “add-on” funding to supplement full fellowships or teaching/research assistantships offered to entering first-year graduate students.  The T. Marshall Hahn, Jr. Graduate Fellowships will be disbursed in two equal checks of $1,250 in August and $1,250 in January.


  • Candidates must be entering first-year graduate students who intend to obtain a Ph.D. degree in any discipline in the College of Arts & Sciences.
  • Nominees must have achieved a minimum Verbal and Quantitative combined GRE score of 1270 (or 312 in the newer grading system), and a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.5 in a B.S. or B.A. program. (PLEASE NOTE: GRE REQUIREMENT WAIVED FOR SPRING 2021 NOMINATIONS)
  • The Fellowship is renewable for a total tenure of two years provided that (a) the recipient maintains his/her official graduate student standing in the College of Arts & Sciences and demonstrates satisfactory academic progress in core graduate courses; and (b) the recipient maintains a minimum accumulated GPA of 3.5

Each department may nominate only one student for this fellowship.  The nomination packet must include:

  • A completed fellowship nomination form (PDF here) specific to the T. Marshall Hahn, Jr. Graduate Fellowship;
  • A letter of nomination from the Director of Graduate Studies of the student's home department (each Department could nominate only one student);
  • An additional letter of recommendation from a faculty member.  This could be a photocopy or a recommendation letter submitted to the Graduate School for admission to UK;
  • A photocopy of the applicant's statement of purpose, if available.

A department could nominate 1st year T. Marshall Hahn Fellowship awardees for a second year.  This nomination requires only a letter from the DGS verifying good academic standing as outlined in the above Criteria for Eligibility. 

Please submit one electronic copy of the nomination with all appropriate documentation to 
bethany.haley@uky.edu, no later than noon on February 15th.