Sabbatical Research Fund

The college has established a Sabbatical Research Fund to support research expenditures of faculty who have been approved for sabbatical leave.  The funds are to be used for research-related purposes only, and they must further the specific research proposal for which the faculty member was granted a sabbatical.

All funds granted must be used for the direct support of sabbatical research projects and cannot be used to support research activities that are routinely supported through departmental funds (e.g., travel to conferences, etc.), nor taken as direct salary.  Funds also cannot support travel to a location where a faculty member will live during sabbatical, nor for ordinary living expenses at a sabbatical location. 

Example of expenses that are not eligible to be covered:

  • Travel from UK to sabbatical location
  • Ordinary living expenses (i.e. rent, utilities, interent, phone)

All funds must be expended prior to June 30 of the academic year awarded, i.e. June 30, 2023 for academic year 2022-23.   Awards may not exceed $3,000, (or $5,000 for the first sabbatical following promotion to the rank of Associate Professor) and will likely average $2,500.

To apply, please complete the webform found at: