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The Engaged Citizen 2019

Submitted by Rmca222 on Thu, 07/25/2019 - 05:21 pm

The Engaged Citizen 2019


Harlan County: America's Third World by Matthew Roddy

Student Views on Tattoos by Joseph Bryant, Courtney Grubber, Nicholas Perrell, Zachary Scott, and Matthew Susemichel

The Cost of Ignorance: Fighting an Epidemic by Abby Blevins, Lexington Frasier, Katie Emmett, and Samantha Udarbe


Saving the Red by Mariah Rogers

The History of the Modern View of Divorce by Regan Cecil

The Alumni Gym: An Unknown Divide by Amy Joubert

Photo Essays

The Story of the Great Lakes by Megan Foley


The Race Project by Sydney Janda

Birth Control in Appalachia by Christiane Canant, Kennedy Hoch, Thomas Standard, Matthew McCarthy, and Kendra Heath-Brost