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International Studies Alumni: Where Are They Now? Kendall Hitch

Submitted by rmwr223 on Thu, 01/10/2019 - 12:33 pm

Pursuing her interest in politics and the study of Latin American societies, Kendall Hitch graduated in December of 2018 with her bachelor’s degree in Political Science and minors in both International Studies and Latin American Studies. In coming to choose these fields of study, Kendall shared how, “I have always been extremely intrigued by the way in which cross-cultural experiences force you out of your comfort zone and open you to new thought processes and ideas.” For Kendall, the International Studies minor has allowed her to focus her studies in the realm of international development through interdisciplinary coursework on UK’s campus and experiences abroad.

In completing an International Studies minor, Kendall has been able to equip herself with the skills necessary to pursue a career in intercultural education. In order to advance her knowledge of the factors affecting the attainment of a proper education, Kendall successfully completed a social work course focused on global poverty responses. This class provided her with a theoretical foundation in international poverty reduction policies and their implementation while also introducing her to the ethical concerns surrounding them. She was then able to apply and further refine the research and critical thinking skills she developed while taking this course to her research abroad in South Africa, Mexico, and Argentina.

As an undergraduate, Kendall completed multiple internships focused on pressing issues in international development. As an intern, Kendall worked with nonprofits abroad including el Centro de Esperanza Infantil and la Fundación En Vía, where she developed literacy and language programs for children living in poverty in Oaxaca, Mexico. Kendall completed similar placements working with English language programs and community dialogue events in Lexington as well as throughout Latin America. As she applies for graduate school to further pursue her passion for the international community, Kendall has drawn upon these undergraduate experiences to make her a distinguished applicant.