Mini-Grant Awards

Limited funds are available to full-time A&S College faculty, including lecturers, for "mini-grant" proposals. These mini-grant awards have an upper limit of $2,000 for equipment and $1,200 for other research-related expenses. Mini-grants in the latter category are often used to support small research projects; foreign travel support for field, museum, library or laboratory work; travel to accept an award or when serving as the organizer of a conference; trips to visit funding agents or attend funding workshops.

Preference will be given to requests from untenured, tenure-track faculty in any discipline and to requests from tenured faculty in disciplines where extramural funding is not generally available.

Faculty are eligible to apply for one mini-grant each fiscal year. Support will be limited to one foreign trip per fiscal year.

Requests for mini-grant funds may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed promptly. 

To apply, please complete the webform found at: