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Scholarly Fellowship Leave

Scholarly Fellowship Leaves are covered by GRX:2.d.6. Faculty may apply for Scholarly Fellowship Leave when they are awarded a stipend from an external agency, and the award is paid directly to the faculty member and not processed through the university.  If the award is insufficient to replace a faculty member's regular salary, then the college will endeavor to "top-up" the award by providing up to one-third of the faculty member's regular salary for the period of the leave. Please note, in determining the top-up amount, the College considers housing and maintenance allocations as salary.

While on scholarly fellowship leave, faculty are entitled to retain their employee health insurance credit (with the employee contribution to be taken from the college's "top-up" contribution), and retirement benefits for the leave period may be calculated on the "top-up" contribution.  Successful fellowship applicants should contact the university's employee benefits office for further assistance. 


Please reference the Scholarly Fellowship Leave Instructions before submitting the leave request to the Associate Dean of Faculty.

  • In order to apply for Scholarly Fellowship Leave, a faculty member should submit the following documents to their department chair:

    • A complete copy of the fellowship proposal.
    • A copy of the award letter from the organization or agency providing the fellowship.
    • If not included in the award letter, a copy of the document detailing the amount of the fellowship award, including maintenance expenses.
    • A current CV.
    • Graduate mentoring plan, if needed (see above).
  • The department chair should complete and sign the Scholarly Fellowship Leave Request Form. The College Business Office can help calculate the projected “top-up” amount to be provided by the College.
  • The signed form and required materials should be submitted via email to the Associate Dean of Faculty. Once approved by the College, the request will be forwarded to the Provost for consideration.
  • Note: Applications for Scholarly Fellowship Leave should be submitted as early as possible (and no later than May 1st for Fall semester or full-year leaves and November 1st for Spring semester leaves) so that departments will be able to make course scheduling adjustments.