Departmental Hiring Requests

Factors in College Hiring Decisions

1. Departmental hiring requests should be submitted by chairs as part of the annual departmental budgeting process (we ask that these be submitted by May 1, 2023). Chairs should submit a written justification for the hiring request, addressing the questions below.

2. The College looks for robust planning at the departmental level. We want Departments to come together, not necessarily unanimously, but with broad consensus over ordered hiring priorities within the context of their 5-year strategic plans.   Departmental hiring plans should reflect trends within their disciplines, as discussed through departmental review processes, by national disciplinary societies, and during meetings of disciplinary leadership. The Dean's Office wants to know where hiring requests follow past practices and where and how they diverge.

3. Departmental hiring plans should address some, if not all of the core missions of the university and college. Therefore, justifications should address how a requested hire would: 

  • Affect scholarly, research, and creative activity? (In some fields, external research dollars are a metric used by university.)
  • Impact a department’s undergraduate education efforts: major, interdisciplinary majors, UK Core, Liberal Arts education? (Here there are clear metrics that the University looks at for all fields.)
  • Affect the graduate program (Again metrics as to selectivity of graduate program, success rate, time to degree, activities of graduates are measurable.)
  • Contribute to building diverse and inclusive culture in department and university. (The university uses diversity numbers here as well.)
  • Contribute to engagement with community, state, nation and the world.

Please note: In looking at the above five areas, the College looks for synergies that can magnify the value of hires.  How might a new hire increase our ability to get larger grants in an area and/or build a research area of significant national impact? How might a new hire contribute to one of interdisciplinary programs or serve majors from another department? How might a new hire bring expertise at a graduate level that serves students beyond one department? How might a diverse hire have broader impact on the community? There will always be opportunities and contingencies in a college with 450 faculty members. Responding to these requires timely and open conversations between the dean’s office and department chairs. Actions such as potential partner hires, mid-year department losses of critical faculty, and responses to provost and president initiatives will inevitably arise and demand immediate responses from the dean’s office.