College Enrichment Fund

Individuals, programs or departments are invited to submit requests (for up to $1,000) for support of public projects and events: visiting lecturers, speakers, film series, exhibitions, or other intellectual and academic activities on campus. It is expected that these funds will be used to supplement resources from other centers, programs, departments, and colleges also sponsoring the event.  Note: this is intended for interdepartmental efforts and not for support of department or division seminars.

Please include the following information:

  1. Name of speaker or nature of the public event
  2. Information about the speaker or about the principal participants and event organizers
  3. Event date, time, location and title of event and/or presentation
  4. Reason that the College of Arts and Sciences is invited as a sponsor
  5. Total support requested from the college
  6. Total budget for the event and the amounts all other funding sources are contributing

To apply, please complete the following webform:


Please note that the College of Arts & Sciences should be listed as a co-sponsor on all brochures, flyers, and in any other publicity. The event should also be listed in College of Arts & Sciences webpage by contacting Jennifer Allen, Director of External Relations, 257-6819 in 273 POT.