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Career Development

Equipping students with the necessary tools to assist them in planning their futures.

Courses offered (online only)

A&S 150 - Your Career and Academic Journey

  • 6-Week Course, 2 credits, pass/fail
  • This course is designed for freshmen/sophomore or any student needing assistance in declaring a major or defining a career plan
  • Students process their career journey at the start of the course by writing a career-autobiography
  • Assess Their interests by taking the Strong Interest Inventory
  • Assess their personality type, skills, personal and work values
  • Research careers and majors
  • Complete and action plan for present and future goals

A&S 350 - Personal Strengths and Career Development

  • 3 credit for grade course, earning 300-level credit towards their degree, can be used towards A&S social science requirement
  • This course is designed to assist the junior/senior/alumni through the professional aspects of finding and landing a career
  • Learn about the chaos theory and how to apply it to their own personal story
  • Assess their strengths by taking the StrengthsFinder Assessment developed by the Gallup Organization
  • Assess their personality type and values
  • Write a working resume and cover letter
  • Research careers
  • Create a complete LinkedIn profile for networking