Alumni Hall of Fame & Scholarship Recognition

Each year the College of Arts and Sciences hosts the Annual Hall of Fame Induction & Scholarship Recognition. During the induction ceremony, the college also recognizes its students that have been awarded college scholarships.

The college inducted its first Hall of Fame receipients in 1999 and currently 20 alumni hold the honor. UK College of A&S Hall of Fame inductees are:


John D. Baxter, BA Chemistry '62 

A&S Hall of Fame: John Baxter from UK College of Arts & Sciences on Vimeo.


Presley O. Reed, BA Pre-Medicine '69

Faculty Inductees

Joan Callahan, Philosophy and Gender and Women's Studies
William D. Ehmann, Chemistry

Sandra Helton
, BS Mathematics '71
Olson Huff, BA Chemistry '57
William H. Jansen, II, BA Anthropology '71
Ernest Steele, BS Mathematics '48, MS Mathematics '50

Faculty Inductees
William Y. Adams
, Anthropology
Wimberly Royster, Mathematics

William M. Bass, MS Anthropology '56
Lucy Salmon Crain, BA Pre-Med '62, MD '65
R. Milton Huffaker, BS Physics '57
Susan R. Tomasky, BA Topical Studies '74

John Keller
, BA Spanish/Italian Speech '40, MA Spanish/Italian Speech '42
Samuel Hurst, MS Physics '48
Benny Johnson, BS Mathematics '89, BS Chemistry '90
Vivian Shipley, MA English '64

Art Still
, BA General Studies '80
Deno Curris, BA Political Science '62
Beverly Perdue, BA History '69
Stephen Bright, BA Political Science '71

Joseph I. Kramer
, BS Biology '49
Louise Slaughter, BS Bacteriology '51
Wendell Berry, BA English '56, MA English '57

Larry Conley, BA Political Science '66
Glenn A. Price, BS Physics '46
Michael H. Grasley, MS Chemistry '61

William "Brit" Kirwan
, BA Mathematics '60

Ann G. Stallard, BA Art '68
Thomas D. Clark, MA History '29

T. Marshall Hahn, BS Physics '45

William Nunn Lipscomb
, BS Chemistry '41
Elizabeth Hardwick, BA English '38, MA English '39

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