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Academic Advising

Our Focus and Our Purpose: Students

What role does the College of Arts and Sciences’ offices of Academic Advising serve in the success and engagement of our students? How do we engage them in discussions about their academic and individual goals? What do we do to aid in efforts of retention, recognition, and high achievement? Consider these elements of involvement we have with our students!

  • We Advise 27 Majors within the College. All Freshmen and Sophomores have a Professional Advisor. Upper-class students in most Majors are given a Faculty Advisor. (except PS, IS, MAECO, ECO)
  • All advisors are trained to support, engage, and serve every major but we try to have an area of focus or specialization in either Humanities, Social Science, Math and Natural Science, etc.
  • We focus on a 4-year graduation plan. We take an educationally purposeful and developmental approach to advising, teaching students how to successfully plan out their academic goals.
  • We are very resource oriented, providing students with meaningful connections within and exterior to the college.
  • We provide student focused best customer service.
  • We strive to be involved and engaged in innovative new processes to support our students and their goals, such as new events and initiatives such as .our new Career Development Unit, Pre-Professional Advising for A&S Students and the Peer Advising Program.
  • We provide assistance on issues and tasks across a vast array of student needs, including, but not limited to, course planning, probation, reinstatements, mid–term grade issues, career and internship questions, transcript and record issues, the Early Alert System, non registered Students, degree auditing, responding to student inquiries via email and other forms of communication, etc.

Our Partnerships
We are honored to work with a vast array of other offices and departments on campus and those include, but are not limited to partners such as the Hive, Enrollment Management and all the Academic Departments on a myriad of issues ranging from overrides to advertising.

Through these partnerships, we continue to focus on our goal of high levels of student satisfaction and continuing to focus on strengthening retention.

Please send your students to our new front office located in 202 of Patterson Office Tower.
We look forward to continuing to engage and serve our college and its student populace.